Grace Garden

Preschool & Before & After School Program

Children will gain large motor skills. This means being able to control and balance in locomotor skills, such as walking, running, jumping hopping, marching, galloping, and skipping. They will show abilities to coordinate movements with balls, such as throwing, kicking, catching, and bouncing. Children will also develop fine motor skills. These will look like using hand-eye coordination to perform self-help and fine-motor tasks with a variety of manipulative materials. Children will show increased skills in using scissors and writing tools for various learning activities.

Children will understand amount, including use of numbers and counting. Children will understand patterns, shapes and spatial relationships. Children will observe, describe, and predict the world around them. Children apply and adapt strategies to solve problems, comparisons and measurement. They will accomplish these things through toys, games, and activities created by their teacher.

Children will explore art through a variety of media. Staff will provide direction based art, as well as free art. Each art will connect to the week’s theme, while teaching some values. Children will also be introduced to a variety of music throughout the day. There will be songs and finger plays that are taught during circle time to help students better understand the theme for the week. Students will dance and follow prompts during large motor time. Also, students will listen to a variety of music during nap time to help calm fears and help with peaceful sleep. 

Grace Garden is focused on showing children the beauty of the world around them. We want them to be able to interact with nature in a clean, safe environment. To accomplish this we have created a nature playscape for our outside area.  All of the “equipment” on our playscape is built into the ground and allows the children to be close to nature. Our hope is by interacting at such a young age with nature, they will grow to love the earth and become green citizens.

Play is a very important part of a child’s learning. Children learn about the world around them and social/emotional interaction with play. Our curriculum will strive to provide opportunities for each child to “play” in ways geared towards social/emotional, academic and Christian values. 

Outdoor Play

Creative Play

Grace Garden Preschool understands the importance of academics and Christian values. We hope these are a couple of the reasons you will choose us. Our curriculum, while center around Christian values and faith, will also strive to meet the needs of each individual child. That’s why our staff is given the opportunity to create their own curriculum, and gear it towards the children and their interest. We feel children who learn about what they are interested in are more likely to pick up on the academics we are trying to teach.


Math & Science

Motor Skills

Music & Art

Children understand and use communication and language for a variety of purposes, through interacting with peers and staff. Children engage in early reading experiences through looking at and having books read to them. They will learn to recognize letters and letter sounds. Children engage in early writing experiences, practicing alphabet and name writing.

Language Development